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    Volume 4 Number 1 March 1991
    Daniel H. Deutsch Electromechanical Physical Models of the Electron, Proton, Neutron, and Neutrino p. 3
    H. Aspden The Theory of Antigravity p. 13
    Thomas H. Hoovler Vibrational Coordinates for the Description of Physical Systems p. 20
    Stefan Marinov Propulsive and Rotating Ampere Bridges and the Principle of Relativity p. 30
    Harold Willis Milnes Some Experiments that Apparently Counterindicate Coulomb’s Law p. 37
    Steve Brown A Note Regarding Relativity p. 42
    Winston H. Bostick Mass, Charge, and Current: The Essence and Morphology p. 45
    Alexandru C.V. Ceapa Coordinate Transformations Between Coordinate Systems in Relative Motion p. 60
    Young-Sea Huang Relativistic Kinematics I: A Theory of Relativistic Kinematics Based on Physical Reality p. 68
    Marek Czachor On Sachs’s Approach to the Unification of General Relativity and Electrodynamics p. 76
    S.X.K. Howusu On the Gravitation of Moving Bodies p. 81
    Frank M. Meno A Planck-Length Atomistic Kinetic Model of Physical Reality p. 94
    Akhlesh Lakhtakia A Case for Magnetic Sources p. 105
    A.K.T. Assis Can a Steady Current Generate an Electric Field? p. 109
    David 0. McGoveran and H. Pierre Noyes On the Fine-Structure Spectrum of Hydrogen p. 115
    Wallace Kantor Lorentz Transformations Reconsidered: 2 p. 121
    Eftichios Bitsakis The Physical Meaning of the Superposition Principle p. 124
    Jaroslav Prochazka and Miroslav Sip A Contribution to the Description of Light Propagation in Inertial Reference Frames and an Interpretation of Physical Laws p. 134
    C.I.J.M. Stuart On the Completeness of Thermodynamics p. 142
    Daniel H. Deutsch Erratum: Bohr-Wilson-Sommerfeld Model of the Hydrogen Atom: A Reinterpretation p. 144
    Author Article Page Select
    Volume 4 Number 2 June 1991
    E. Panarella Announcement: New Associate Editor for Physics Essays p. 147
    Ron Wilson Is the Limiting Factor of the Speed of Light the Influence of the Gravity Field? p. 148
    Guennady Kuznetsov Metaphysics I: Time and Space p. 157
    Marius Borneas Fields and Matter in Space and Time p. 172
    L. Mayants Why Bell’s Inequalities Fail to Comply with Experimentll p. 178
    Herbert H. Stevens, Jr. The First-Mind at Creation p. 186
    Young-Sea Huang Relativistic Kinematics II: The Electromagnetic Force Law Relativistically Reexamined p. 194
    A. Jannussis, M. Mijatovic, and B. Veljanoski Classical Examples of Santilli’s Lie-Isotopic Generalization of Galilean Relativity of Closed Systems with Non-Seif-Adjoint Internal Forces p. 202
    S.C. Tiwari Polarized Light and Chiral Invariance p. 212
    Donna Sutliff Why Physics Cannot Assume the Relativity of Motion or an Infinite Universe: Problems with Special and General Relativity p. 217
    Linda Vahala and George Vahala Filamentation in High-ß Plasmas and Flux Penetration in Type II Superconductors p. 223
    C.G. Koutroulos Observations Concerning Relativistic Wave Equations of the First Order p. 228
    C.I. Mocanu The Relativistic Kinematic and Electromagnetic Problems of Thomas Rotation p. 238
    Thomas G. Schumann Realism and Mentalism with Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen p. 244
    Richard A.. Waldron Notes on the Form of the Force Law p. 247
    Parry Moon, Domina Eberle Spencer, and Shama Y.I. Uma The Sagnac Effect and the Postulates on the Velocity of Light p. 249
    Harry Gelman Lorentz Transformation of Direction p. 253
    Erik Trell On Rotational Symmetry and Real Geometrical Representations of the Elementary Particles With Special Reference to the N and ? Series p. 272
    C.I.J.M. Stuart On Negative Entropy and Entropy of Missing Information p. 284
    Author Article Page Select
    Volume 4 Number 3 September 1991
    L. Mayants Probabilistic Physics and its Applications p. 293
    Yuri A. Rylov The Problem of Pair Production and A Statistical Principle p. 300
    Jack Sarfatti Design for a Superluminal Signaling Device p. 315
    A. Petrov How to Define Quantum Dynamical Systems p. 337
    Zeng Xinchuan Nonlinear Transformation of Space-Time and Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics p. 344
    Hans Montanus Special Relativity in an Absolute Euclidean Space-Time p. 350
    Joachim von Peschke Principles for Generalizing the Lorentz Transformations p. 357
    Howard C. Hayden Is the Velocity of Light Isotropic in the Frame of the Rotating Earth? p. 361
    Thomas E. Phipps, Jr. Stellar Aberration from the Standpoint of the Radiation Convection Hypothesis p. 368
    D.J. Larson An Absolute Theory Based on Coupled Spatial and Temporal Travel p. 373
    Mauro Francaviglia and Paulo Macedo The Evolution of the Concept of Ether and its Underlying Geometry p. 384
    C.I.J.M. Stuart Temporal Irreversibility of Conditional Probabilities p. 389
    Shahn Majiti Principle of Representation-Theoretic Self-Duality p. 395
    B. Ahiborn, N. Kevlahan, and M. Lefrançois Coherence Energies of Turbulent Flow p. 406
    Chalmers W. Sherwin The Weber Radar p. 417
    Terence W. Casey On the Calculation of the Gravitational Constant p. 420
    H.S. Sadegh Angha and S. Aryainejad The Blooming Life of the Particle, Part 3 p. 425
    Franco Selleri Book Review: Quantum Paradoxes and Physical Reality p. 436
    Author Article Page Select
    Volume 4 Number 4 December 1991
    Behram N. Kursunoglu After Einstein and Schrödinger - A New Unified Field Theory p. 439
    Basil A. Orfanopoulos Accurate Quantum Retrodictions via the Freedman-Clauser Experiment p. 519
    Gu Yi-Ming The Wave-Particle Duality and the Problem of Measurement p. 523
    Young-Sea Huang Relativistic Kinematics III: A Relativistic Modification for Newton’s Gravitational Force Law p. 532
    Mei Xiaochun Reestablishment of the Axiomatic Foundation and Classical Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics p. 542
    R.J. Dubisch Topology in Quantum Theory: Infrared Topology p. 555
    Robert B. Driscoll The de Broglie Wavelength of the Lepton, Quark, and Binary Hadron p. 561
    Yakir Z. Shoshani The Philosophical Origin of Quarks p. 566
    Damian Canals-Frau About the Photon p. 577
    William M. Honig An Electromagnetic World Picture, Part I: Massless Dual-Charged Fluids for Modeling Vacuum Space, Fundamental Particles, and Electromagnetic Waves p. 583
    I.J. Good The Kinematics of Special Relativity, and Dingle’s Fallacies p. 591
    V. Arunasalam Mapping in Inertial Frames p. 596
    C.I.J.M. Stuart On Quantum Idealization p. 607
    P.R. Wallace Is Quantum Mechanics Paradoxical? p. 614
    Index to Volume 4 p. 620

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